Dozer Spreader Boxes

dozer box spreading gravel
Custom-made spreader box will double or triple your dozer production

Push more material without losing it around the corners of the blade. No berms to cleanup. Fully adjustable width, Depth adjustable.  Perfect for prep work on sidewalks, curbs, building slabs, parking lots, railroads, airports, and roads. This is a great spreader box attachment for sale. Let’s a little machine outwork a bigger one.

We built the first gravel spreader box for doing site work and sidewalk prep. Since then, we have used them on everything that has any dirt to move. Dozer operators love it. Once they try it, they want to use it on everything. Takes less work to get something done.

Heavy Duty Construction

The side plates are heavy steel and have a vertical reinforced strip running from below the top bar to the bottom. As a depth control feature we have another plate bolted inside of the side plates. This can be lowered in 2” increments. This will allow you to build a raised pad, road bed, or sidewalk. It also gives you control of the edge if necessary, great for backfilling up against a building or curb. We also make the side plates adjustable. Either spreader box side plate can be moved in so you can make the dozer blade as wide as needed for the job. Works great for sidewalks, curb prep, and bike paths.

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