Horse Loafing Shed Kits For Sale

Montana loafing shed for sale
Horse loafing shed kits can be assembled with either metal siding, or plywood walls.

If you’re looking for a horse shed that will provide your horses with clean, dry, and protected shelter, our metal siding horse loafing shed is the perfect option. Our Montana made horse shelter kits are made with heavy wall angle iron and steel square tubing that will last for years to come. And because you assemble and supply the metal or wood wall and roof building material, you can save money on the overall cost of the project. Plus, our DIY horse sheds are easy to assemble and take apart, so you can move them around as needed.

With nationwide shipping on all shed frame kits, you no longer need to search only for horse loafing sheds for sale near me.

Easily assemble a horse loafing shed using some basic hand tools.

Frame pieces are painted and drilled for do it yourself assembly with the supplied hardware. One of the benefits with a bolt together portable horse shelter kit is the ease of taking it apart and putting it back together when moving to a new location. One 10×10 frame alone weighs 650 lbs. Furthermore when completed with plywood and roof sheeting it will weigh approximately 1200 lbs.

2023 Spring / Summer Shed kit Prices

  • 8×8 = $ 1,400.
  • 8×10 = $ 1,500.
  • 8×12 = $ 1,550.
  • 10×10 = $ 1,600.
  • 10×12 = $ 1,700.
  • 12×12 = $ 1,800.
Horse Loafing Shed Prices
horse shelter kits

10×10 Horse loafing shed kit Price $1,600.  

Buy 3 or more and receive $25 discount on each frame kit.

Frame and hardware only – No roof sheet metal, or plywood included. Buying the roof panels and plywood locally will save on the shipping cost.


Frame kits are 8′ high in the front sloping to 7′ high at the back. This kit has a 3″ x 3″ x 3/16″ angle iron steel frame with 2″ x 2″ square steel 10 gauge tubing roof rafters. Frame is painted and drilled for easy assembly with the supplied 3/8″ bolts, No welding required. All frames are also drilled with 1/4″ holes for fastening plywood to the walls, elevator bolts are supplied for this. Also supplied are sheet metal screws to fasten down a metal roof.

All frame kits come designed for and ready to bolt onto another frame. This allows you to construct a 8×16, 8×24, 10×20, 10×30, 10×40, 12×24, 12×36, 12×48 or longer horse shed, as well as making it easy to expand at a later date. All four walls are drilled to be bolted to any one of the four walls of another frame kit. 

horse loafing shed kits

12×12 Horse loafing shed kit Price $1,800.  

Buy 3 or more and receive $25 discount on each frame kit.

Frame and hardware only – No roof sheet metal, or plywood included. Buying the roofing panels and plywood locally will above all save on the shipping cost.


Shed door jamb detail

Door Jamb Kit $200.  

Door jamb kit allows you to close off part of the shed front opening, as a result you would have a door way opening on one side. Kit includes all of the hardware for the door jamb and likewise the plywood mounting bolts. You supply the plywood.

Horse Loafing Shed Assembly Instructional Videos

Video instruction showing the complete assembly process from start to finish for one person. Also shows the basic hand tools that are required to assemble the livestock loafing shed kit. In contrast two or more people will certainly make the process easier and faster.

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